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BERTOLINI Mirror Advertising Perpetual Calendar


Very rare perpetual mirror calendar advertising Lievito Bertolini, original from the 1950s

Intact mirror with perfect colors and design

Produced by A.G. Grossi of Milan, competitor of the contemporary ROY Vercelli

Dimensions approximately cm.32×22
Metal and glass

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Very rare and authentic perpetual mirror calendar advertising Lievito Bertolini from the 1950s

Intact mirror with perfect design and colours. A little girl who tries her hand at preparing a dough for an excellent dessert, all made simple and feasible with the famous BERTOLINI YEAST. The little girl is the famous Mariarosa from the national CAROSELLO commercials, the program that was broadcast on TV after the 8pm news, with which at least two generations of children grew up

Calendario perpetuo a specchio

The BERTOLINI perpetual advertising mirror calendar is equipped with a perfectly functional date adjustment mechanism (monthly numerical day, weekly day, month) using side wheels

  • Intact mirror with perfect colors and design
  • Produced by the company A.G. Grossi of Milan (Via Inama)
  • Dimensions approximately cm.32×22
  • Made of metal, aluminum sheet and glass
  • In excellent condition, with no obvious signs of wear or damage

Very rare collector’s item, as the perpetual calendars of this era, in particular those of the Roy Vercelli company, are well known, but this one from Lievito Bertolini is extremely rare.

An authentic piece of Italian advertising history, ideal for collectors or lovers of retro design.

Unique details that exude the atmosphere of the 50s, perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia to any environment.

A precious investment for those looking for rare and unique pieces of Italian advertising history.

For further information or to purchase this rare perpetual mirror advertising calendar from Lievito Bertolini, contact us and we will help you in the best way possible.


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