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About Us

About Us


With 30 years of experience gained in the collectibles sector, attending specialized markets, antique fairs, and auctions in search of the beautiful, rare and unique object, saving it from the oblivion of time.
To reconstruct that puzzle of our self that is always missing the most extraordinary piece.

Why choose us

Thefinitive, your partner for elite collecting

Experience and passion in collecting

Thefinitive has been in the world of collecting for about 30 years, and our professionals have grown out of pure personal passion. Our experience makes us the ideal partner for the realization of your collecting dream.

Continuous search for rare and valuable items

Thefinitive is committed to offering only the best collectibles, whether militaria, antique toys, significant books, letter albums, and photographs of historical figures or autographs. Our ongoing research allows us to find the rarest and most valuable items for your collection.

Attention to detail and product enhancement

Thefinitive is distinguished by the care we give to every detail and the enhancement of the product. We pay attention to every aspect to ensure only the best for your collection.


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